Technical Information


Wonder Mesh maintains a fully staffed engineering department to assist clients with installation details, framing design, load characteristics and other issues associated with its products. Approval drawings can be offered depending on the requirements and scope required. Wonder Mesh engineers are also available for on-site installation supervision.

Please contact Wonder Mesh for information on its proprietary systems for flexible mesh applications, as well as suggestions for detailing panel and infill materials.


If a project requires any particular panels than Wonder Mesh fabrication department can help you to provide the service. Please contact to discuss about fabrication needs.


For interior applications, Wonder Mesh offers background-painted finishes on its rigid woven meshes. Custom finish options may be recommended upon review of the project requirement by the Wonder Mesh engineering department.


Stainless steel provides long-term value year after year. Wonder Mesh stainless steel stainless steel products are designer-selected to meet any corrosive application and to ensure long life.


Resistant to scratches, denting and corrosion, Wonder Mesh requires minimum maintenance. All Wonder Mesh products are delivered clean and free of oil and residue.

For interiors, regular cleaning can be accomplished by vacuum, dust mop or soft cloth. More extensive cleaning involves the use of a soft bristle brush with a mild, water – soluble detergent. No solvents or retail cleaning materials should be used.

To ensure the lasting beauty and continued life of stainless steel products mounted in exterior applications, Wonder Mesh recommends at least yearly cleaning with high pressure water (powder washing) to remove potentially harmful pollutions and oxidants. More frequent cleaning may be required in highly aggressive environment – seaside location or industrialized, polluted areas – or in external areas that will not be reached by regular rainfall.


If mesh is damaged, it can be shipped back to the Wonder Mesh facility to be repaired and replaced. Please consult Wonder Mesh for pricing.

Stainless steel is a readily recycled material. Recycling facilities exist throughout the country and abroad.