About Company

WonderMesh has a functional dedicated team to the production of different wire mesh and wire work products for filtering, sieving and other applications across many industries.

These industries include food & chemical processing, water & waste water treatment, plastic, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, electronics, automotive, mineral extraction and of-course Construction.

In the late 90’s an unusual application of stainless steel wire reels in an Architectural project by famous architect Dominique Perrault opened the doors for the use of this unique material in all the aspects of Architects. The aesthetic appeal and it’s strong characteristics compared to the traditional demands of a structure encouraged us to create a completely modern unit in the name “SUPER SCRENS PVT. LTD.” In the heart of Economic Development in India, Maharashtra.

Our complete experience and knowledge of more than 15 years in the manufacture of Industrial Wire-Mesh along with the top quality fabrication techniques and setup for the architectural Metal Installation in the name of SIM DESIGNS & ENGG., encouraged our experts to take this bold step of giving complete turnkey jobs of installation of wire-mesh. Due to limited awareness and technical know-how in the line of fabrication in India, SDE can boast of being the best in the wire-mesh and fabrication in the industry.

These wonderful stainless steel meshes have an aura of creative conceptual application viz. ceiling, walls, exterior facades, partition screens, sun screens and the most modern applications being acoustic panels, canopies light diffusers catchers and reflectors.

A few of our projects include external facades for Music Channel MTV office, Architect: Sanjay Puri, Partition screens for ICICI Lombard, Architect: Ankura Patel. We see great works from our Architects to dream new diverse and wiser applications for our wire-mesh and add to the endless possibilities of style and functionality to create a beautiful world.

To describe the best characteristics of this material, we would like to stress on the below aspects of the wire-mesh in different applications.


When used in ceiling with proper lighting the wire-mesh catches light and colour and reflects them back. It looks shiney, transparent from one angle and from another it looks like complete opaque surface. Even though the open area ranges 5% to 70%. It can conceal the sprinklers, cable trays, acoustic insulations and conduits without limiting their basic functions. Any sort of light installation is possible without affecting the beauty of wire-mesh.


It can be used for wall cladding as protection screens for display of light and colour. These futuristic versions of free falling textures can transform any space into an experience. Maintenance is very easy as it provides a life-long finish and its performance gives a look of delicate fabric. The mesh panel can be fabricated in such a manner that they can be removed to ensure easy access to any equipment or maintenance requiring material hidden behind them.


They can be used as effective security partitions between customs and non-custom areas like airports without harming the transparency and openness of the area. Depending on the requirement the mesh can be weaved in different densities so as to achieve different kinds of opacity. The mesh is strong enough to support itself and can blend with all types of curves and bends to give a superficial finish to the elements of a building.


The free-falling metallic fabrics with excellent shine and strength can be used to envelope entire buildings (square, round or any shape) enhancing the beauty and the aesthetic values of the buildings. Depending on the density of the wire-mesh and the angle of lighting the protective mesh maintains a fine balance of being an opaque shiney envelope as well as relate beautifully to the open culture buildings by revealing high levels of transparency. The textile-like characteristics and the flexibility of the material makes the place come alive. The endless possibilities of the usage of the mesh as sunscreens, façade, and safety balustrade are easy to maintain and does not require any special treatment for cleaning. The mesh has an unlimited service life and can be completely recycled, thus proving to be a completely recyclable product.


The aesthetic value of the stainless steel mesh is derived from light. The natural sunlight enhances the beauty of the shiney wire-mesh when the material reflects the light with equal brilliance. The same structure can be made to look opaque when the flow of the light is flatter on the surface. With a change in the angle the opacity can be varied. To make the mesh transparent, it can be lighted from inside which makes the mesh looks darker and shines even brilliantly. The unique Antique Matt finish offered by us gives soft silver shine when finished with good lighting.


Depending on the basic structure and design, the wire-mesh can be rolled into one or both the directions. It can be used as rolling shutters or sun-screen without any sort of deformation on the texture.


The stainless steel mesh ca be weaved up to a maximum width of 6.5 meters with unlimited length rolls. They can be sized as per the requirements thus allowing an architect to think seamlessly, generously and spaciously to create a unique experience.


All the material used for the manufacture of the wire-mesh is 100% fireproof. Hence, they can meet the most stringent requirements of non-flammability, and can also conceal the sprinkler systems without affecting the functionality. The stainless steel grades used are non-corrosive in nature and give unlimited service life. It is also 100% recyclable and proves to be a cost-effective product while considering the life-cycle cost.


We at WONDERMESH treat the wires with a thin colourless layer of a chemical formulae to make it resistant to extreme, polluted, high-dust and dirty environments. Our continuous research has enabled us to identify and develop some specific grades and treatment methods to make it fool-proof in the most difficult kinds of atmospheric conditions. Different kinds of alloys of Stainless Steel are available at our disposal with specific combinations of chrome, nickel and molybdenum; so that we can provide the best solution for specific applications for a life-long service.


DIN 1.4301 - SS 304 - The most basic type of steel alloy with chrome and nickel. This is corrosion proof at normal atmosphere conditions and is well advised for interior application.

DIN 1.4404 - SS 316 - Advanced version of Stainless Steel with chrome, nickel and molybdenum in higher concentration to make it corrosion proof in extreme weather conditions and coastal areas.

In case of extreme weathers, combined with pollution and gaseous atmospheres; particularly for applications in exteriors in India, we advise specially treated above mentioned alloys or altogether different special materials depending on the application.


We are a complete solution provider for the installation of wire-mesh, right from the selection of right material, defining the transparency or density of the material, selecting the most appropriate method of installation to the right kind of lighting and maintenance tips for long-lasting beauty. We have short-listed vendors who can give you the perfect lighting systems and also cleaning professionals so that no stone is left unturned to ensure a happy customer. For WONDER MESH every project is a unique experience and a mission to be accomplished ensuring economic parameters of the project.

We cut the wire-mesh into different shapes, forms and deliver them in rolls and sheets to avoid unprofessional handling and damage to the material. On request we can provide you with supplementary information.