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More Space ....fewer animals.....This is the basic consensus when zoo experts talk about new habitat-compatible animal husbandry approaches and enclosures. Honouring the legitimate needs of observed animals is part of the observers human nature and constitutes the new challenge.

WONDERNET by WONDERMESH systems is an ensemble of components for creative solutions. The certified weather - resistant and highly robust WONDERNET wire rope netting is the preferred choice for ZOOS. Numerous filigreed and transparent enclosure of every imaginable form is possibly with WONDERNET.

It has been observed that when the wild animals are confined in an enclosure of Zoo once separated from it's natural habitat, slowly starts succumbing to the mental depression it suffers due to the confined space for movement and also due to the lack of understanding from the Zoo keepers.

The confined space is often so fortified in the case of wild animals like lion, tiger, etc that start behaving abnormally even at the sight of the strong bars and cages erected to keep them away from the visitors.


Though these zoos can't be shut from various tourism and economic point of view. But these ill effects on the animals can be minimized by installing WONDERNET in place of the walls, cages and bars so that the animals don't feel confined or caged and they get a feeling of belonging in the natural habitat that can be created in these parks.

Since 'WONDERNET' is manufactured with cables and nets, they are not strongly visible to the eyes and hence gives them a feeling of openness.

Similarly these webnets can cover large expanses of bird enclosers with minimal structural poles to let the birds fly freely instead of keeping them enclosed in cages making them vulnerable, noisy and sick.

Thus a proper design engineering correct webnet and absolutely professional installation can make the co-existence of animals, birds and human beings a wonderful experience in this concrete jungles called metro cities.

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